California State Bar Board of Governors Appoints Bryan Schwartz to the Labor and Employment Law Section Executive Committee

June 2, 2009, Oakland -  Attorney Bryan Schwartz, who started Bryan Schwartz Law in January 2009 after leading the San Francisco office of Nichols Kaster, has been appointed to the prestigious Executive Committee of the Labor and Employment Law Section of California's State Bar. The Executive Committee leads a Section comprising 5,271 attorneys and 88 associates statewide. Effective September 13, 2009, Mr. Schwartz will be one of only six members of the Section's leadership whose primary focus is representing employees.

Mr. Schwartz, who took the Oath of Office for his appointment today, stated, "I am honored to accept this appointment, and look forward to working with members of the Committee representing both employees and employers to promote employment policies which improve workplace fairness for all Californians." He added, "California's workforce is the largest and most diverse in the nation, with some of the most protective legislation for its employees. The country is looking to us to set an example in how to create working conditions that promote the kind of productivity that will lift America out of its recession."

The Labor and Employment Law Section's objective is to further the knowledge of its members in labor law and employment issues, and to provide a forum for California's labor and employment lawyers and non-lawyers with an interest in labor and employment issues. Mr. Schwartz's stated objective on the Committee will be to ensure that the employees' perspective is heard on the important issues affecting their daily working lives.