Bonnie C.


Bryan Schwartz and team are stellar professionals. I worked really closely with Renato Flores. He was patient and showed a lot of care and rigor in explaining the ins and out to me and the practical advice he shared was outstanding. Bryan is well connected and very well respected in the industry and you cannot go wrong working with him and his amazing team!

Kat S.


Exceptional people, powerful advocates, tough negotiators. Bryan Schwartz and senior associate Jane Mackie truly care about fairness and justice. Their hard work, attention to detail, and the time and responsiveness they devoted to all my questions let me know in a hundred ways that they cared about my case. This kind of commitment is a true gift. I am deeply grateful to them and recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone seeking fairness.

Maureen J.


I cannot say enough GREAT things about Bryan Schwartz Law, P.C. — and in particular, former paralegal Devin Stuzin. I was recently part of a large class-action settlement — one the firm tenaciously pursued for a whopping 17 years before getting a record settlement on behalf of us members — and I was constantly impressed with the professionalism, follow-through, empathy, and all-around exceptional service. These folks are the REAL deal. I wouldn’t hesitate to call upon them in the future for any of my legal needs, as I know they’ll pursue a case to the ends of the earth if it means justice for their clients. THANK YOU, friends at Bryan Schwartz Law!!

Abby L.


Best people they took my case right a way and fought and win my case best lawyers in bay-area love you all



I was a member of the Doering Meyer class action lawsuit versus the State Department. Bryan Schwartz is a very tenacious and outstanding attorney. When this law firm first contacted me about the case, I was skeptical about their ability to win a case against the State Department and their army of lawyers or get them to settle. But I’m a believer now.

As a former FSO who was already in the Service before being denied a chance to return based on a disability, my case was different from the others in the Class. But Bryan took the extra time to understand my situation and for that, I am extremely grateful to him and his staff members, particularly Devin.

Bryan got us a very fair settlement! If he’s willing to take your case, don’t hesitate to work with him. He is a person of great character and integrity and I think he is an excellent attorney.



Bryan Schwartz Law, P.C., is a leading employment rights law firm in the United States with a global reach. His is a legal practice of conscientiousness and virtue. Labor law protects a most fundamental right of citizenship and civic engagement. Worker rights are human rights. Work not only provides us with economic viability, but it brings meaning to our lives, and provides a structure and process by which we organize our lives and sustain purpose as civic participants. In a democracy, workers deserve to feel secure and to flourish as the market grows. Bryan Schwartz and his team help both employees and employers to ensure that all workers, regardless of race, ethnicity, language, culture, sex, gender, age, religion, socio-political and economic stratification, and of varying dis-/ability levels – have equitable access, work experiences, and life outcomes through the intersection of labor law and civil rights. Mr. Schwartz worked tirelessly for a period of more than 12 years to bring about justice in an employment disability rights class case. The historic settlement was lauded by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, because it will have systemic impact in bringing equity to the public sector workforce. Along with achieving the highest standards of judicial representation, the client will be enlightened and transformed by working with Mr. Schwartz and his team.



A great team, who kept me informed every step of the way along a many year path to winning a successful class action case.



The staff at this firm are very professional, responsive, friendly, and effective. They persevere for years to get results. I highly recommend them.



Amazing experience with communication and handling of this massive case; I appreciate the help and resolution.



I had a great experience with the firm. They represented me and others in a case that lasted for several years, yet I always knew who to contact and they were always responsive and professional, even as more junior team members transitioned over the years. I’m grateful to the team for their support.

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