When no other attorney would touch my case, Bryan took it on with zeal. Since then, the EEOC certified a class action and has ruled in our favor in every motion the other side has thrown at us. A five-star rating does not come close to the real value of this legal team.



I was fortunate to have found Bryan Schwartz Law while searching for reputable and reliable law firms in the Oakland area that specialized in labor law, and I couldn’t be more pleased by the results they secured for my family on my father’s behalf!

After talking to Bryan and explaining the situation he was not only very helpful in helping me understand the law and what his firm could do to help, he was genuinely sympathetic to the situation.
After repeatedly hearing “there’s nothing we can do” and “I’m so sorry but we can’t help you” over and over from his employer to whom he dedicated over 40 years of his life, Bryan assured me that his firm could help, and help they did. Everything changed the moment they took over, and for the better, having them deal with both his employer and the insurance company made our lives completely stress-free!

Both he and his staff were extremely helpful in the process, not only in helping me understand what information was needed but very helpful in explaining the process. I’d also like to send a special thank you to DeCarol Davis, who I worked with, she went above and beyond to help in this very complex situation.

If you ever find yourself needing legal help in this area, you’d be lucky to have Bryan and his staff on your side!


Bryan’s firm came highly recommended to deal with an employment discrimination and harassment case. Bryan and his staff were very professional, ethical, extremely organized and diligent. They are strong advocates who worked extremely hard to get me a very fair resolution to my case. I could not have hoped for better lawyers.


Bryan Schwartz is an attorney who gives good, sound advice and empowers you to believe in your convictions. I reached out to him because no other attorney wanted to assist me. Bryan has been my advocate for the last six years. He is compassionate, empathetic and with superior knowledge of the laws. His team is determined to uphold the rule of law and bring justice to a world that can often be unjust.


Bryan Schwartz is without a doubt a fantastic attorney. As tenacious as he is intelligent, I would absolutely recommend his services to anyone seeking justice. Not only is his legal expertise top notch, his interpersonal skills with his clients are superb as well. Working with Bryan over the last several years has been well worth it!


Bryan and his team were highly recommended by a friend and another attorney. I reached out to Bryan when I was sick, hurting and afraid, not knowing what to expect or how to ask for help. Bryan offered to help, he and his team fought a very difficult and demanding battle for me. They negotiated an outcome that was fair, timely and meaningful, but more importantly, they helped me get my life back on track and recover my self-confidence. He and his staff were remarkably brilliant and tough, but they were also empathetic, resourceful, patient and understanding. In a courtroom or across the table, you want them on your side. I trusted Bryan and his team and they exceeded my expectations. I am forever grateful and Bryan Schwartz Law has earned my highest recommendation and regard.


When I first met Bryan, and the team at Bryan Schwartz Law, I was blown away by how understanding, sympathetic, and outright dismayed they were to the unlawful situation my coworkers and I were (to say the least) uncomfortably having to endure and work through. Extremely knowledgeable and passionate in caring for the rights of the individual, Bryan will stop at nothing to see justice prevail. Through his relentless determination and unwavering dedication to seeking truth and equity as to what is FAIR, RIGHT, and LAWFUL, Bryan fights for those of us who otherwise would have little-to-no voice in an overwhelming sea of corrupt work place environments, mogul giants, and “Bad Bosses.”

Caring, Dedicated, Brilliant, and Unabating; This is the type of person you want representing you!
Do yourself justice, and talk to Bryan and the team at Bryan Schwartz Law!

(I cannot thank you all enough for the years of work you’ve put into winning our case, and the work you continue to do for those seeking to be heard!)


Bryan Schwartz represented me successfully in mediating my age discrimination claim against a large employer….[T]here can be few lawyers with greater legal acumen or a more relentless drive to get an acceptable result for their clients. Bryan is all business and probably works too hard. He is a man of faith, socially responsible and ethical and too busy winning cases all over the country to spend time holding your hand. If Bryan Schwartz and his associates decide to take your case, however small it may be, you’re in very good hands. I know because I was there.


I could never imagine having any other attorney on my side when I needed someone. This office is beyond professional and intelligent from the person answering the phone right to the attorneys. These attorneys will fight tooth and nail for you.


These guys were amazing. Just on the ball, knowledgeable and friendly as hell. I presented my case over the phone and I immediately got some preliminary feedback which was awesome. I was asked for more details which I provided via email the next day. Two days after that I got a call stating they couldn’t take my case.

While that was disappointing, I was told exactly why and I was given several other solutions and/or options that I could pursue. I even got an unofficial “recommendation” that I could consider as well, and that’s all most of us really want anyway, right? A little guidance to make sure we’re not getting taken advantage of.

Thanks, guys. You did good.

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