San Francisco Employment Lawyer

San Francisco Employment Lawyer

San Francisco Employment Lawyer

With things like job burnout and shortages, workers are experiencing all types of issues at the workplace. It would be terrible if workers also dealt with discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation.

Unfortunately, even in this environment, these issues are still plaguing workers. When you have dealt with these unlawful actions, you need a San Francisco employment lawyer from Bryan Schwartz Law, P.C. on your side.

Your Rights As An Employee

As an employee, many federal and state laws protect you from being harmed by your employer. Still, employers can try to find loopholes to justify their unlawful actions. Here are some occasions where a San Francisco employment lawyer can help you.

What Is A Hostile Work Environment?

It is illegal for an employer to create and encourage a hostile work environment for any worker. Hostile work environments are created when there is unlawful and offensive activity happening.

Some of these unlawful actions include discrimination, sexual harassment, violence, and actions that are overall inappropriate. When your employer intentionally creates a hostile work environment for you, you can sue them.


Discrimination is the illegal activity of treating a certain group of workers differently from everyone else. Discrimination is illegal based on a worker’s gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, and age.

Your employer can practice discrimination when they practice biased behavior towards a particular group of people. Overlooking older workers for promotion constantly is an example of discrimination.


Another common illegal activity is retaliation. Employers retaliate against workers when they take certain action against a worker for practicing their rights. If you report your employer for breaking the law on the clock, and your employer retaliates by suspending you, that is an example of retaliation. This often happens when workers exercise their whistleblowing rights against employers. Retaliating against a whistleblower is a federal crime. If your employer has retaliated against you, speak with a San Francisco employment lawyer

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual advances between other workers and employers. Sexual harassment covers a range of unwanted physical contact, verbal messages, and forms of communication.

Making derogatory remarks about a person’s gender or sexuality are examples of sexual harassment. When you have been sexually harassed, you want to inform your employer immediately.

Sometimes sexual harassment incidents are swept under the rug. When you feel that your employer has not taken your sexual harassment incident seriously, speaking with an employment lawyer sounds like your next option.

Wrongful Termination

Another form of retaliation is wrongful termination. Wrongful termination is when your employer unlawfully terminates you. Even though many employers are employed at will, they cannot fire you for illegal reasons.

Illegal reasons involve retaliation, discrimination, filing for workers’ compensation, or after conducting a sexual harassment investigation.

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If your rights as an employee have been violated, reach out to a San Francisco employment lawyer at Bryan Schwartz Law, P.C. Use our contact form to schedule your initial consultation. We will investigate your claims and build a case that protects your rights.

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