Bay Area Employment Lawyers

Bay Area Employment Lawyers

Bay Area Employment Lawyers

Not all companies in California treat their employees with the respect that they deserve. Employers that violate labor laws should be held accountable for their actions and prevent future complications with other employees. Further, you deserve to be treated fairly and legally in the eyes of California law. If you experience discrimination or if your rights as a worker are violated, an experienced employment lawyer may be able to support you.

What is an Employment Lawyer?

An employment lawyer is a lawyer that specializes in labor law. Labor laws are put in place to prevent discrimination, harassment, and negative workplace conditions in companies. If you are a victim of a violation of labor laws in your place of employment, it could be beneficial to hire experienced Bay Area employment lawyers. 

When you hire an employment lawyer, there are many ways that they can help you. First and foremost, your employment lawyer will take the time to peel through every detail available about your case. This involves examining the legal and unjust practices that occurred in your workplace. Next, they will take their gathered information and build a case around it. They utilize direct statements made by employees and other direct forms of evidence related to your case to support it sufficiently. When it comes time to reach a solution for your labor law case, there are often two options: negotiation and court. Your lawyer may try to negotiate a settlement for your damages, but not all employers are willing to negotiate. In these cases, taking the case to court and defending the information presented is your employment lawyer’s role. 

Regardless of your desire to seek out Bay Area employment lawyers, they can help support you through the emotionally stressful process. 

Violations of Labor Laws

There are a variety of labor laws in place to prevent negative workplace environments for employees. If these are violated, they oftentimes lead to stress and potential financial complications. The six common labor law complaints include:

  • Harassment or Discrimination
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Incorrect Management of the Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Disputes in Minimum Wage and Overtime Funding
  • Workplace Safety
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims

Though federal labor laws are in place, each state has a different set of labor laws specific to its location. California’s labor laws are constantly being altered. It’s the job of Bay Area employment lawyers to stay up to date with local, state, and federal labor laws. Working with an employment lawyer could save you from frequent research. 

Work with Bay Area Employment Lawyers Today

If you live or work in the Bay Area and are facing a conflict between you and your employer, it could help to work with an employment attorney who can act as your advocate in your claims process. Brian Schwartz Law is an experienced law firm that will support you through your stressful labor law claim. To request a consultation to discuss how our team can best suit your needs, contact us today.

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Bryan Schwartz Law, P.C. is also one of the few Bay Area-based law firms with extensive experience representing Federal employees in their unique Merit Systems Protection Board and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints.