CoreLogic Settlement Will Benefit Current and Former Real Estate Appraisers

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CoreLogic Settlement Will Benefit Current and Former Real Estate Appraisers

CoreLogic Settlement Will Benefit Current and Former Real Estate Appraisers

“CoreLogic Settlement Will Benefit Current and Former Real Estate Appraisers”
Top Class Actions, April 23, 2020


By Autumn McClain
April 23, 2020

With the novel coronavirus ravaging the world’s population and social distancing bringing about lockdowns across the globe, there have been few times during which making a steady wage has been so important. Many workers are facing significant risks in order to help all of us stay afloat, and it’s never been more clear how important proper compensation is to survival.

Unfortunately, there have been employers taking advantage of the work their employees do for as long as there have been employers, and the virus probably won’t put an end to that practice. Thankfully, workers who are taken advantage of by their employers can take civil action to try to win more compensation.

In fact, according to reporting by Law360, just this month a settlement was reached between employees and California-based data company CoreLogic. The CoreLogic settlement includes a $6 million payout for employees as well as promises from the company to improve their labor practices.

Alleged Wage and Labor Violations

In their class-action suit against CoreLogic Valuation Solutions Inc., plaintiffs and former real estate appraisers alleged that the real estate data company enforced “off-the-clock overtime with meal and rest period violations” against appraisers.

The lawsuit was brought in 2017 and surrounded concerns about time-sensitive work orders and appraisals. According to the suit, most Class Members had previously signed individual arbitration agreements. Despite this, plaintiffs were able to negotiate a significant settlement. There are 524 appraisers included in the suit.

The court was unable to determine whether or not the company had committed meal and rest break violations because of the appraisers’ autonomous working conditions. The suit also allows appraisers alleging off-the-clock overtime to make claims without documentation.

This Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit is H. M. et al. v. CoreLogic Inc. et al., Case No. 8:17-cv-02274 in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

CoreLogic Settlement

The CoreLogic settlement is significant for a number of reasons. First, it is a relatively high settlement amount. According to the suit, most wage and hour claims of a similar nature result in hundreds of dollars worth of compensation per claimant, or thousands at most. This CoreLogic settlement will result in an average net recovery for each claimant of $7,160, according to the lawsuit. The suit also states that the defendant will be required to carry out a “major reform of… business”.

Law360 lays out a handful of changes CoreLogic will be required to make to their business structure. For instance, they will be required to change their practice of “giving ‘efficiency’ incentives to those reporting fewer hours worked,” according to input from workers.

The settlement is also significant because of the time period we are in as a country, a “time of great social and economic uncertainty”, as the plaintiffs state. Many civil actions have been postponed and complicated by difficulties in communication, travel, and scheduling. Many courthouses across the country are limiting entrance and restricting hours. This also represents a time in which many Americans are struggling to make ends meet, and an influx of $7,000 will undoubtedly help CoreLogic appraisers.

“We’re very pleased that we’re able to get this very substantial settlement now, especially because, like everyone, so many of our clients have been affected by coronavirus in their jobs and they really need this cash as soon as possible,” an attorney for the appraisers, told Law360 on Tuesday. “And we’re also especially proud that the settlement includes reforms to the business which address the underlying issues that our clients came to us with in the first place.”

California Labor Laws

California labor laws are more stringent than other states. McDonald’s, Management & Training Corp. and a host of other companies have settled for millions for violations of overtime pay, meal breaks, and treatment of staff. California employees who were forced to work off the clock or without overtime pay can speak with a lawyer to see if they have a lawsuit against their employer.

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